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Hello! My name is Danny Webber & I am a professional guitar tutor based in Bristol offering high quality guitar tuition.

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Danny Webber Guitar Teacher
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Danny Webber
Passionate About Music.

Welcome to Guitar Lessons Bristol! my name is Daniel Webber and I am a Bristol-based guitarist and guitar tutor. My interest in music started out in my early teens. With a father who not only played the guitar but made them too, it was inevitable that I would be drawn to music. I was inspired by the guitar-driven punk bands of the early 2000s, and I began practicing nonstop and played along to my favourite bands' albums in my room.

Even from this early age I started a band with friends at school and had weekly rehearsals. As my passion for music grew, so did my musical taste which opened me up to various genres, guitarists and their playing styles.

I continued my studies in music after school at Bridgwater college, Truro college and Plymouth University on my way to achieving a BA (Hons) in music. During this time I also worked my way through Rockschool Grades in order to obtain a Grade 8 certificate on the guitar. This furthered my exposure to specific guitar techniques and skills which has helped me in developing my own approach to teaching.

I have been working as a full-time tutor and musician ever since finishing my studies and I have been active in my local music scene in Bristol and Somerset as well as the rest of the UK. I perform regularly in many genres and bands, both on the guitar and bass guitar. I am currently involved in weddings and corporate bands as well as small pub bands and original groups. I also spend a lot of time writing and arranging music.

During our lessons together you will learn the best way to master the guitar as well as a whole host of songs and techniques.

“I would say to anyone if you want to learn to play the guitar its Danny Webber you need! A professional guitar teacher that is pleasant and easy to work with”
– Mrs Martin.

I am very patient and friendly and the lessons will progress at your own pace. I cover all styles and skill levels from beginners to experienced players. Alternatively, if you wish I can help guide you through the Rockschool graded syllabus, which will provide you with a clear indication of your progress as you make your way through each grade. I am proud to say that I currently have a 100% pass success rate with these exams but the choice to undertake the Rockschool syllabus is completely yours.

My lessons are priced at £17.50 per half hour, £25 per 3/4 hour and £30 per hour.

Learning to play the guitar is an incredibly rewarding experience. To book your first lesson or simply find out more about my guitar lessons don't hesitate to get in touch via info@guitarlessonsbristol.co.uk.

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