Music Shops in Bristol

Find the best places in Bristol to buy music equipment.

The right equipment can make all the difference when learning the guitar. Find that perfect neck and suddenly the tune you’ve been struggling to play for the last two weeks becomes a doddle.

Also, different guitars naturally lend themselves to different styles of playing, so if you’re trying to play Metallica on a nineteenth-century Spanish classical guitar, you might want to re-invest. With equipment being so important, Guitar Lessons Bristol has compiled a list of the best guitar shops in Bristol, so you never have to go without the right equipment again!

PMT Online

When I first heard of ‘Bristol’s PMT Store’, I justifiably assumed that it was a shop for highly emotional women selling chocolate, cakes and ice cream. I was wrong. Whilst I have no doubts that such a store would go down a treat with the female population, ‘PMT’ actually stands for ‘Professional Music Technology’ and is easily one of the best places to buy guitars in Bristol. Its name suggests that it might only cater for the high-end demands of professionals, but in fact, it has a guitar for every budget: from £160 Squires to £2500 Fender Custom Shop Strats and everything in between, this shop has it all. And if you’re looking to buy a Fender guitar this is the place to buy it as they currently sell over 390 models! Head down to 5 Rupert Street, Bristol, BS1 2PY to take a look for yourselves.

Hobgoblin Music

Hobgoblin Music was established in 1976 so has nearly 40 years of experience providing top service. They are a specialist folk music store, selling products that range from guitars to accordions and harps to mandolins. Although they have a range of reasonable electric guitars, Hobgoblin’s expertise lies in acoustics: you can pick up resonators, lap steel, acoustic and classical models here! Especially nice are the National NRP Steel Resonators, a particular favourite of Chicago and Delta blues players, but these are premium guitars and sell for a cool 2 grand. They also have a good range of second-hand guitars, so to snap up a bargain, wander down to 36 Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5JG!

Treble Rock

Treble Rock is probably my favourite guitar shop in Bristol. If you want the full package, then you’ll find it here. Firstly they have a great selection of electric guitars: Fender, Gibson and PRS are common among their stock and they also have a number of vintage guitars. Secondly, the amps that they stock can only be described as premier and they stock probably my favourite amp ever, the Fender Twin Reverb, which is one of Johnny Marr’s amps that he used with The Smiths. And to top it all off, they offer a full repair service for guitars, amps and effects! What more could you want? The only thing to take in mind is that this is a serious guitar shop for serious players, so their stock and prices tend to fall into the high-end category. To make your own mind up, check out Treblerock at 52 The Mall, Clifton Village, Bristol, BS8 4JG.

Mickleburgh Music Store

Absolute Guitars is a guitar shop based in Backwell, North Somerset, just 6 miles from Bristol City Centre at 8-10 Dark Lane, Backwell, BS48 3NP. They stock a large variety of guitars and is a Fender Premium guitar dealer as well as being an authorized dealer for Gretsch, ESP and LTD guitars. If you’re looking to get an acoustic guitar, this might be the place to go because they’ve just had a fantastic acoustic guitar centre open which holds over 100 guitars, from roomy dreadnaughts to smaller folk bodied guitars. Beginners also should start looking here: their incredibly friendly staff will be more than happy to show you through their great range of low priced guitars, and if you’re only small, they’ve got a range of ½ and ¾ guitars that you can try out.


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